You can't win—unless you cheat.

VIDEO GUIDE by yours truly

You'll need to bend the rules to win this game.

Become change time, teleport, and become invulnerable by changing the game's numbers. To play, you need to get a chrome extension which will allow you to manipulate the game's memory. Search for values and freeze or edit them to your advantage.

Download this chrome extension (instructions) (github) to cheat. CETUS video example


My video guide/devlog (installing CETUS 0:09) (play through 1:09).


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i think there is too much bullets on the screen... but it is still interesting and cool game!

Im too stupid to understand how it works but it was fun

Hahaha I broke it a couple of times... Very cool though! I haven't seen any game like this before!

Thanks! I'm hearing a lot of breaks but there's not much i can do about it